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At Bradbury Engineering, we have a passion for classic and vintage cars.


That's why you can expect the very best service when it comes time to maintain or repair your car.


Whether your classic car needs some engine tuning, or a complete rebuild, we are here to help. Our experienced engineers are able to re-bore engine blocks, convert classic engines to unleaded and even machine components to get your beloved motor purring again.


Call us for more information on our classic car engine repairs and restorations.

Classic car engine restoration specialists

• Classic car engine repairs

• Classic car engine restorations

• Engine re-boring

• White metal bearings

• Line boring

• Crankshaft grinding

• Crankshaft balancing

• Cylinder head machining

• Unleaded conversions

• Performance engine tuning

• Vintage car engine machining

• Plus much more.

To restore your classic car engine to factory condition, call Bradbury Engineering

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Engine services include:

classic car engine restoration vintage car engine repairs